Feed or Fight

What a journey this has been for me and my family.  I hope some of the things I have learned a long the way will be of some help to others.

Diet is a huge part in the recovery for Lyme Disease.  When I say recovery, I mean from the day you get diagnosed until FOREVER. lol I struggled with this in the beginning.  I thought that I could still have a little sugar everyday.  Oh boy, was I WRONG.  Sugar feeds the bacteria.  So when you consume sugar in any form  (including anything that turns to sugar after you consume it), you are literally feeding the bacteria.

I have always had a saying. “Everything you are consuming is either feeding or fighting the disease.”  It is much easier for me to stick to my diet if I keep this in mind.  For me personally I was told to be gluten free, no sugar, no alcohol and no processed foods.  At first this seemed a little overwhelming and not possible for me.  I mean lets be honest.  I have a donut obsession.  It was nothing for me to eat eight glazed donuts in one sitting.  You read that right.  EIGHT.  Not to mention I LOVED my wine nights with my amazing friends.  Trust me.  If I can do this, anyone can.

I now eat only organic foods from the grocery store.  We go to local farmers markets for our produce.  I don’t consume anything with very much sugar.  I try to be as gluten free as possible.  I feed my body with healthy anti-inflammatory foods.  My doctor once told me to stay away from “the center” of the grocery store.  Don’t even go down the isles where all the canned goods and such are.  That part of the grocery store is only filled with processed junk.   Only buy from the outer portions of the store like the produce, butcher and dairy if you can have it.  I know a lot of people with Lyme are dairy free.  I consider myself super fortunate to still be able to have dairy.  Doesn’t cheese make EVERYTHING better???

Am I saying you must to stick to this diet 100% of the time.  No.  This is real life.  For me,  it was about finding a balance.  To think I could never have sugar of any kind again or another glass of wine was just downright depressing to me. lol  I will have a few bites of dark chocolate a week and 2 glasses of wine (red because less sugar) per week or two.  98% of the time I am sticking to my diet though.  I feel my best (symptom wise) if I am consuming healthy things.  Fighting not feeding.

If you are just starting out with diet change or have been doing it for a long time like I have, just remember not to beat yourself up.  This isn’t easy or everyone would be doing it.  Start with small changes if you have to.  Progress is progress no matter what.  I promise the longer you are doing this the better you will feel.  Please feel free to ask any questions or comment your tips as well.







6 thoughts on “Feed or Fight

  1. This is something you were meant to do Lindsey, you’re so very good at explaining and making what you are talking about understandable. Great job, and keep it up!

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  2. So excited to hear of your blog. I know it will help others with Lyme disease just as Marissa has been helped and supported through the Lupus blogs and community that surrounds it. These are great thoughts on nutrition that seems like they would make sense for a lot of people. Looking forward to reading more!

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