Crawl Like a Champ


Lyme Disease can effect many different parts of your body.  I often get the question, “So does it just feel like the worst flu ever?”  No.  Just no.  lol  Hopefully by sharing this story, along with many others, we can spread some awareness. I want to shed some light on what Lyme Disease really looks like so we can better protect the ones we love most.

I have done a total of 27 months of oral antibiotics, 27 months of natural supplements and 7 months IV antibiotics since I have been diagnosed.  I experienced many pretty scary symptoms throughout my treatment.  Killing the bacteria (that have now taken over) causes what is called a Herxheimer Reaction.  While we are killing these things off, they release toxins in your body.  Basically, for us Lymies, whatever symptoms you had before you can now multiply it by about 3700 billion. lol  When we are treating for Lyme you will feel a whole lot worse before feeling better, but there is no other option than to treat.  The longer you wait before getting treated, the harder it is to get on top of.

One morning,  while I was on IV treatment, I went to get out of bed to stand up.  My legs immediately collapsed beneath me.  No warning.  I just knew I found myself quickly on the floor.  Did I cry?  YES.

It was the first time I was realizing just how bad it had really gotten.  I was scared I would just be somewhere and collapse.  I was scared of what that meant was to come.  I was scared that it would happen and I would never be able to use my legs again.  I’ll be honest.  They hurt bad enough that I thought that was a possibility.  I think the fact that it(collapsing) actually happened, meant no more denial for me.  I worried and worried about this and came to the conclusion that worrying wasn’t going to get me anywhere.  So the second time it happened I just laughed and thought, ‘Well.  I am crawling like a champ.’  I was forced to learn the true importance of not stressing and being upset about the things I couldn’t do.  Instead, keep my eyes ONLY on the things I could do.  I may not be able to walk but dang.  I sure can crawl. lol

My advice to anyone going through something that is super tough and doesn’t seem possible to get through…….Crawl like a champ.

Keep your eyes at the end of that tunnel even if the light is so small you can barely see it.  Progress is progress no matter how big or small.  Focus on all of the things that are great in your life instead of the negative.  Laugh.  There is humor in almost every situation.  You just have to be willing to see it to appreciate it. ~Lindsey

***A sauna is an amazing way to get those toxins out fast.  Sit in for as long as you can handle it and immediately rinse off when you get out and make sure you have someone there with you.***




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