Knowledge is Power

IMG_4277I have experienced some pretty scary things throughout this journey.  Many symptoms people will never experience in a lifetime.  I can honestly say I am jealous of them because of the sheer fact they have never felt this stuff.  I never wish this on anyone.

I have been struggling to share this or not.  I decided it can only help those that are going through the same things.  So here you go…………  I have no memory.  None.  People ask me if its my short term memory or long term and I simply do not know how to answer that because it is ALL of it.  I don’t remember my childhood. I don’t  remember my wedding.   I don’t remember how my best friend used to smile before I got sick.  I don’t remember how I used to interact with my niece and nephews before I got sick.  I don’t know my role at work other than I own the place.  It’s the small things.  It’s the big things.  It’s everything.

I first found out that I didn’t and don’t  remember so much when my best friend was talking to me and she said, “Lindsey, remember when………” She told the story and I was trying really hard to remember, but I didn’t.  I only pretended I did.  After Aaron went to sleep I started silently crying.  I cried myself to sleep.  I thought, no way.  How could this happen?  No one prepared me for this.   Everyday I was meeting “new” people.

My best friend Joi and husband know me like the back of their hands.  It really is just as creepy as it  Imagine the most amazing, loving, giving, wipes my tears, holds my hand and is still HOT all at the same time……That’s my husband.  He is amazing.  Now imagine the most hilarious, beautiful, fun, giving, full of life and laughs at everything I laugh at person……………yep.  She is my best friend.  Every one has that one friend. She is more than “that” person to me.  She understands me on a level that I will be forever grateful for.

If these two knew nothing of my memory issues I was having, how were they supposed to help me.  By this point I have gotten pretty good at hiding certain things.   I am figuring out how to navigate through this and I think I am doing quite well with this particular situation.  Good news for you Lymie’s.  The things I can’t remember are not lost forever.  I will normally remember most things after a minute of someone explaining something.  Pictures have brought back a lot as well.  That makes me so happy.   Knowledge is power.  So let’s talk about how we can protect ourselves and the ones we love the most from this terrifying and debilitating disease.

I was covered in OFF Deep Woods when I got bit.  I am a magnet for mosquitos so I am ALWAYS covered in bug spray when I am outdoors.  My dad used to tell me they liked me so much because I was just too sweet. lol  I’ll go with that.  OFF Deep Woods only contains 40% DEET.  You need 100% DEET.  Put it only in key areas like your shoes, ankles, one spray on each arm and the top of your head if you are not wearing a hat.  Wear light colored clothing.  If you are wearing pants tuck them into your shoes.  Wear hats.  Ticks LOVE pine trees and will just fall down on you.  If you have been outdoors, do an immediate body and clothing check when you get back inside.  Knowledge is power when it comes to protecting/preventing any and all tick born illnesses.  The more awareness we raise, the more proactive we will all be in preventing this. ~Lindsey




4 thoughts on “Knowledge is Power

  1. I searched the literature, nerd alert, and using Permethrin (lice and scabies treatment) is also effective. This is a great alternative for young children who may not be able to have 100% DEET.

    PS….I had NO idea about the memory loss!

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    1. Yay!!!! I have not been able to find an alternative that worked as well as 100% DEET that was safe for small children. Thank you!!!! Yes. The memory loss is pretty crazy. I prepared my mom yesterday for my future blogs. She will be reading a lot she never knew was happening because I was protecting her. 😳


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