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Guitar Therapy

img_4431We all deal with hardships in different ways.  Some are healthy and some are not.  Some people run.  Some people eat.  Some people work harder while others give up.  Some people volunteer in their community and others don’t.  For me, it was some good ole guitar therapy.  I have always had such a strong connection with music.  I can sit for hours at a time just looking for and listening to new music.  Music has always been therapy for me.

I grew up with my dad playing and singing for us girls.  There are even videos of him playing for us while we were in our cribs.  My mom got this guitar for my Dad on their second wedding anniversary in 1977.  She hid it under their bed and still swears he was sneaking it out and playing it before she ever gave it to  After stealing my best friends guitar for a while (sorry Joi), my dad decided he would just leave his with me.  This was shortly after I started IV therapy.

I had terrible tremors for a few months.   For whatever reason, when I played the guitar, I had steady hands.  I would sit and play for hours a day.  There were many days Aaron would leave for work and come home to me being in the exact same spot.  Guitar in hand.  I have sent my Dad countless videos of me playing whatever it was that I had just taught myself.  I always send them and if he doesn’t respond in a timely manner I am calling him, “You  better check out that SUPER fast chord change I just did!” lol

Playing the guitar has gotten me through some of the darkest days of my treatment.  At first, I thought it was just going to keep me busy while I was at home going through treatment.  It quickly became my lifeline.  At times I played for hours for fear of falling asleep.  There were a few days I didn’t want to take the chance of going to sleep because I was so sick, I thought I might not wake up.  Some days I played for hours because it was just nice not to have that awful tremor.  Other days I played to keep from being depressed.  I desperately wanted to escape the physical and emotional pain that I was in, thanks to Lyme Disease.  The guitar became my happy place and I’ve been playing ever since.

I personally feel some of the greatest life lessons are learned as a result of going through something difficult.  I think it takes being in a bad relationship to REALLY appreciate the great ones.  I think it takes being super broke to REALLY appreciate having money.  I think it takes losing someone you love to REALLY appreciate the people you love now.  I think it takes being super sick to REALLY appreciate being healthy.

Be thankful.  Be happy.  Stay humble.  Have patience.  Those are just a few things I have learned the true meaning of within the last couple of years.  These last two years have been the toughest of my life, but I can honestly say I am happy.  I’m probably better mentally than I have ever been.  I choose to be happy each day.  Okay. Most days. lol

Everyone needs their own form of ‘guitar therapy’.  Whether you are going through something terrible at home, stressed out with work, upset about the election or facing health issues, find your happy place.  Take any negative energy and go put it to good use.  Volunteer in your community.  Help a stranger.  Go for a hike.  Volunteer at your local animal shelter.  I think during this particular time it is especially important to show kindness to others.  Look around.  There are amazing things happening every day.  You just have to be willing to see them to appreciate them. ~Lindsey